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Residential Services

We specialize in elimination of:
  •       Bed bugs (chemical and hot steam treatments)
  •       Ants
  •       Carpenter Ants
  •       Cockroaches
  •       Fleas
  •       Flies
  •       Sowbugs
  •       Centipedes
  •       Millipedes
  •       Wasps
  •       Mice*
  •       Rats*
  •       Spiders
  •       And many more...

Rodex Pest Control offers All Year Pest Free Home Program:
  •       MInimun 3-4 services per year
  •       Customized program designed to suit your specific needs
  •       If you have a pest problem between visits, just give us a call! You're covered with no additional charges.

The All Year Pest Free Home Program includes elimination of the following pests:
  •       Mice and Rats
  •       Spiders
  •       Centipedes and Millipedes
  •       Flees
  •       Moths
  •       Earwigs
  •       Silverfish
  •       Wasps
  •       Mosquitos**

*Service includes full exterior inspection and rodent proofing of all exterior walls; additional charges may apply depending on the size of the property.
**No pesticides. Only organic treatment.
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